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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

How To
Return A Continuum Ov Illusion
To It's Natural State

Second world
First world
State ov grace
In The Beginning

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The Level Playing Field - 'The Stage'



the whole thing is on the basis ov primordial 250 nature

it's like we're in a wind tunnel

flow is all important

block anything and it'll throw you against the wall

open infinite and you'll be instantly destroyed (there is NO 100% here)

we run 95% chakra truth and the remainder is comedy / lyric

flow open correctly and there is only joy

a little abstract a times - this is a reference ov grace

something at least so you have some idea

we are moving into Utopianism (hyper state) on the ground

these first pages give you a quick rundown to grace

'in the begining' etc gives a reasonably detailed ground reference to
Nature Itself, Charity, The Show, Fame, The Wheel, The Elixir, The Fountain etc

all to enable a smooth transition to your vessels here in eden (the ground)

State Ov Mankind

to elevate the third world it needs the 10% flow (sharing)

everyone know how paradise runs

it's in your gene code - it just is

everyone shares 1/10th

everyone prospers

everyone eats

everyone takes on stage name's for themselves and publishes something

everyone's a star

everyone's an artist

everyone's a musician

everyone tips (on an honor system)

it's not a matter ov policing - it's a matter ov staying active

like surfers where suddenly ALL the waves are 60 feet high

this is what it's like for many ov us who live on the ground already

being true and consantly choosing is the only choice we have
(or we just plain fall on the ground)

the natural flow energy becomes so strong that we abolish crime

country borders all come down

the world lives wherever they like

culture (like goths, ravers, underground clubbers etc.) become the focus
(race and origin fall away)

we live as one people on one planet

all as independent aspects ov one being

independent like nature - where everything is different
(no two things are the same)

independent ov our parents
independent ov race
independent ov country
independent ov any particular group

no-one tells us what to do - we tell ourselves what to do

as it turns out the only choice you have is freedom ov choice, continually choose

to choose and do precisely what YOU want - NOT what anyone tells you to do or choose

all just as long as we keep surfing

this is the very nature ov the fountain ov youth

(a global energy movement round and round - faster and faster)

everyone and anyone who crashes is helped by an abundant bottom line

the joules (energy, money) moving through the arts goes extreme

the enchanted forest (parrallel energy) grows within our psyche

we all dream in the same forest

when we're awake on the ground we're not active in the forest
(if we are it turns full on evil)

everyone rejuvenates to youthful prime (looks like about 10-12 years old)

everyone stops dying

everyone stops taking birth

we all know these things

like we've heard it 1000 times

like it's part ov us already

reading these things reminds us we already know them - all ov them

within just months many ov these aspects should be in effect

we are technically through the transition period (@time ov publication)

leaving pisces started on armageddon 911 (912 - paradise gates opened)

and ended (mayan) (december) solstice 2011 (christian linear time) - now aquarius full time

the 2012 was a technical 'softener' to show the world did actually survive quite well

first major move is to the sharing 1/10th with the global bottom line
(regular global charity)

people ARE helping now
- wells are being placed - schools set up
- food is being delivered - farming is in production